SubicGO | The Official Guide is a tourism portal designed for local and international tourists visiting the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. The website has a rich, informative and engaging user experience that provides resources for visitors to discover everything they need to know about, what to do and see in Subic Bay.

In addition to tourism information as the key focus of the website. It also gives tourist a glimpse of the rich history of SBMA and its people. The spirit of volunteerism that sustain Subic Bay where it stands today.

The vision of is to
  • To promote SBMA Tourism and its neighboring towns of Bataan, Zambales and Pampanga.
  • To provide a one stop site where tourist can find all information about the Subic Bay area.
  • To provide opportunities for businesses to thrive within the bay area.
  • To give tourists confidence and assurance that their visit to Subic Bay will be a memorable experience.

The mobile ready website will allow Subic Tourism more reach of its audience. This means tourist on the go can get accurate information about Subic Bay whenever and wherever they are on time and on target.

The SubicGO Logo

The founder of SubicGO, a native-born and raised in Olongapo City designed the SubicGO logo to pay tribute to a fellow Olongapeño -- former Mayor and the first SBMA Chairman Richard 'Dick' Gordon.

Mayor Gordon with 8,000 volunteers took over the facility to preserve and protect US$8 billion worth of property and facilities when the last U.S. Navy helicopter carrier USS Belleau Wood sailed out of Subic Bay on November 24, 1992 and started the conversion of the military base into a free port like Hong Kong and Singapore.

The word "GO" with arrow pointing forward, highlighted in blood red color is derived from the slogan "GO GO GO Dick Gordon" of then Mayor Gordon -- a reminder how Dick Gordon led the 8,000 volunteers in moving the freeport forward to a world class business and tourism destination that it is today.

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