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Subic International Golf Club

6900 Binictican Drive, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines, 2222
Reservation: +6347 250-3765

Our golf course has a long history and was established in the 1960s as the US military recreation facility, and in 1992 after the property returned to the Philippines from the US, it was designed by Desmond Muirhead, the well-known British golf course designer (1923-2002) whose major works are the Muirfield Village (Ohio, USA), the corroborated work with Jack Nicklaus, the Dinah Shore Tournament Course (California, USA), and many other notable golf courses in the US, Europe, and Japan. In 2016, we inherited this golf course filled with over half century of memorable history and reproduced as one of the Best Golf Course in the Philippines in December 2018. The challenging course layout has cleverly incorporated with the natural environment and allows the player to enjoy various strategic shots. Surrounded by untouched rainforest for thousands of years and abundant water sources in 93.5 hectares, the view from any angles is absolutely stunning.

The course was originally designed by Desmond Muirhead, a renowned golf course architect, and reconstructed into the challenging course layout that has incorporated the natural environment and allows the player to enjoy various strategic shots. Surrounded by a rainforest untouched for thousands of years and abundant water sources, the view from any angle is stunning. There are two noteworthy facts: the challenging greens and 4 to 5 tee grounds on each hole. Regarding the green, the seamlessly planted Paspalum grass allows the shape of green to be flexible. In addition, most commonly the green is structured with two panels of grass, but our greens use five panels. Therefore, the undulation of the greens can be created differently. In this way, our 18 Hole Championship Golf course (Par 72 and 7,100 yards) is designed for a wide range of golfers.

SIGC Play Fee

Until further notice, effective January 6, 2023


Tee Time (Gate open 6:00)
Tee Off - 6:30
Last Tee Off - 13:30

(Includes play fee, caddie fee, golf cart rental, and ETAF | There is no 9h rate)
Weekdays - 10,000 (18h)
Weekends and Holidays - 15,000 (18h)

18 Holes Championship Golf Course

Hole No. 1

Par 4
Handicap 11

Gold 429

Blue 395

White 370

Red 325

Par 4 Hole with a distance of 429 yards and out of bounds on the left side all along the fairway to the green. On the right side is a big lake that requires a good drive to be at the right center of the fairway, avoiding the deep fairway sand trap on the left side of the landing area. The large greens are guarded by two sand traps, one on the right side and another in the left back portion of the green. The undulated large green is constructed with a false front that requires approach shots below the pin whenever the hole is in the front position. After a good drive in the middle of the fairway, a par is most likely to be recorded.

Hole No. 2

Par 4
Handicap 1

Gold 458

Blue 403

White 378

Red 294

Par 4 Hole that dog-legs to the right, measuring 458 yards from the back-tee box. A precise tee shot is required either to play safe or play over a big tree in the middle of the fairway. The water hazard creek also across the fairway makes the Hole especially challenging. The right side of the Hole from the back tees all the way to the green is a natural forest hazard so if your ball goes in, your ball will be lost for a penalty stroke. The approach shot to the green will be in front of another natural water hazard creek, while the flat green is guarded by two sand traps on the right and left. This is one of the hardest holes in the course – even a bogey can be an acceptable score.

Hole No. 3

Par 4
Handicap 5

Gold 397

Blue 367

White 347

Red 306

Par 4 Hole that is a dog-leg shape to the right with a natural forest hazard all along the right-side. The left side of the wide fairway is covered with massive trees that an errant shot to the left will result to a lost ball and a penalty. A small sand trap straight down the fairway is an obstacle for long hitters while tee shots that lacks distance and on the right side of the fairway will give a stymie approach shot to the green. A bunker on the rear left side of the diagonal green catches balls played over the green.

Hole No. 4

Par 4
Handicap 17

Gold 328

Blue 299

White 285

Red 280

Par 4 Hole is the shortest in the course but tricky. Elevated tee areas can help a good drive to avoid the out of bounds on the left side and deep bunker at the left side. A perfect drive avoiding the trees planted at the right side of the fairway and near approach shot to the sideways green can produce a birdie. The sloped green is guarded by a very deep sand trap at the front left and another sand trap at the back that can result in a bogey if the ball goes to any of the bunkers.

Hole No. 5

Par 5
Handicap 3

Gold 585

Blue 559

White 518

Red 468

Par 5 Hole that is considered long and straight all the way to the green from elevated tee mound areas. The entire left side of the car path is out of bounds while the right side is covered with forest hazards that a wayward shot can easily give a penalty stroke. A large fairway bunker awaits a missed tee shot to the left side and another fairway bunker on the right side for the landing area of a second shot. A tree on the left side can make the short hitters stymie their approach shot to the semi-undulated large green. Two sand traps – one at the right side and one at the back left of the green – can easily catch balls on bad shots. Although its distance is unusually far for a Par 5, many players should be able to score a par.

Hole No. 6

Par 3
Handicap 7

Gold 242

Blue 194

White 169

Red 135

Par 3 Hole and one of the toughest and challenging holes in the golf course: any mistake on the tee shot can end up in the creek in front of the tee mounds and a wayward shot can end up into the lake on the left side of the green. The large circular green is guarded by two deep bunkers on both sides. The back of the green has no bail out that gives penalty shots since the creek runs to the back side. A good tee shot anywhere on the large green with two putts should give a par.

Hole No. 7

Par 5
Handicap 15

Gold 508

Blue 478

White 468

Red 427

Par 5 Hole that dog-legs going into the green. The Hole requires an accurate shot from the tee box due to a tall tree in the beginning, and a challenging tee shot of a draw or a fade will end up in the middle of the fairway for a clear second shot to the green. Any mistake at the tee shot can end up into the creek on the left side or in the front-reaching the man-made lake for a penalty stroke. A deep, but small bunker in the middle of the slight uphill fairway catches second shots from a far distance. The straight, long green is guarded by traps on both sides. A perfect tee shot can eagle the hole or easily produce a score of a birdie.

Hole No. 8

Par 3
Handicap 9

Gold 218

Blue 179

White 154

Red 135

A par 3 with 218 yards distance from the gold tee, with an intimidating large lake on the right side. Distance control is a critical in players’ tee shot for this slightly uphill Par 3. The fairway on the left side and water on the right side protects this par three hole. Shots landing towards the left will also find some troubles because of the bunkers. A very large and undulating green sets an accurate approach or lag putt. Strong contours all around this green invites creativity and imagination into the player’s game. A simple but tricky Par three that can easily yield a bogey.

Hole No. 9

Par 4
Handicap 13

Gold 366

Blue 343

White 323

Red 273

Par 4 Hole with the most stunning perspective, with a good view of the lake from the slightly elevated tee boxes. Players will look onto a big lake that wraps along the side of the tee area going towards the green. Slightly downhill to the fairway with a big bunker at the left side of the fairway. The big sloping green is guarded with bunkers on the right side. The contours of the green are more severe than others and players will have an exciting finish of the round. The right side of this hole is the renowned Five Star Clubhouse, where players can relax and enjoy the rest of their time.