El Kabayo Riding Stable

El Kabayo Road, Binictican Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales
Tel: 047 252 1050
Smart: 09997383022
Globe: 09155672049

Wildlife in Need Foundation: 047 252 8494



El Kabayo Stables is managed by Wildlife In Need, an NGO that specializes in animal care and welfare. We operate the WIN Rescue Center, a haven for sick, injured, and confiscated wildlife of the forest. We are a founding member of the Philippine Marine Mammal Stranding Network, rescuing and rehabilitating whales and dolphins. Our compassion extends to homeless and abandoned dogs and cats.


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Horse Riding

El Kabayo Falls Scenic 1 hour ride through the forest to El Kabayo Falls with guide. Enjoy a brief stop to check out the Falls before returning to El Kabayo Stables.

River Trail Relaxing ½ hour ride (with guide) along the river and through the pastures and shaded grounds of El Kabayo Stables.

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Riding Lessons

1 hour riding lesson This is your perfect opportunity to become a more relaxed and confident rider under the guidance of our expert instructors.

10 riding lessons Complete our 10 lesson Horsemanship course and develop advanced riding skills while earning a Certificate of Accomplishment to be proud of.

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Horse Painting

Horse painting – share your artistic talents with one of our friendly horses – great group event, or gift for children of all ages

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Photoshoots & Weddings

The beautiful grounds of El Kabayo are the perfect venue to capture your special memories in photos. Add beautiful horses grazing in the background, or your favorite horse posing with you, and you will have exceptional photos to share with family and friends. We are a favorite location for photo shoots of all kinds – Pre-nuptial, anniversaries, graduations, reunions, family celebrations, and many more.

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Group Events

The next time you are planning a party, corporate event, family reunion, or group gathering of any kind, talk to us. We are the perfect party place, with wide open spaces, spectacular shade trees, Clubhouse facilities, and activities to choose from including forest hikes to waterfalls, horseback rides, outdoor games, and much more.

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Team Building

El Kabayo Stables now offers team building for your company or organization. We’ve got the full array of popular team building activities and games PLUS some new and unique ones featuring our friendly horses eager to join in the fun. Among our green pastures, quaint stables, and majestic shade trees you can build camaraderie, express your creativity, and achieve greatness as a group. Lead your new friend through the Horse Obstacle Course, compete in the Horse Scavenger Hunt, or pit your team against the agility and speed of a horse in the Walk – Trot – Gallop competition. Follow the herd and experience Team Building at El Kabayo Stables!

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Educational Programs

This unique interactive program combines two experiences into one. First students meet some of the resident horses at El Kabayo and learn about their special features. They will also participate in a contest of speed, matching human and horse in a fun obstacle course. Then it’s time to meet the local indigenous Aetas. Students will learn about the Aetas’ use of natural forest materials, get a lesson in making and shooting a bow and arrow, and try weaving a plate or making a bamboo cup. Educational programs at El Kabayo can be customized to meet student’s interests and can include a horseback ride.

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Adopt-a-Horse – One of the most rewarding ways to help WIN care for all the horses, is to “adopt” a horse. With your regular monthly donation you have access to the horse of your choice for riding and other horse-related activities as often as you like.

Donations – Financial contributions and donations of supplies are always welcome and go directly to the care of the horses.

How to get there

From central Subic, drive south on Rizal and pass the intersection with Starbucks and Puregold, continuing to Maritan Hwy.

Curve right onto Maritan Hwy and continue to El Kabayo Road.

Turn left on El Kabayo Road and continue for 200 meters. Look for the El Kabayo sign on the right at the entrance to a dirt road.

Turn onto the road and continue for 100 meters to the white plantation house for parking.

Business Hours

8:00am to 5:00 Mon thru Sunday

Admission & Promos

For Prenup rates:
First hour of shoot - Php2,500.00
Succeeding hour - Php500.00/hr
Horse rental - Php500.00/hr/horse

Horseback riding:
15mins single - Php250.00
15mins double - Php350.00
30mins single - Php370.00
30mins double - Php550.00
1hr waterfalls trail ride single - Php770.00
1hr waterfalls trail ride double - Php1,200.00